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Our Services

At Advance Upkeep LLC, we offer a wide range of property maintenance and repair services to keep your home or business in top condition. Whether you need a handyman to fix small household issues or a full property maintenance service, we've got you covered. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering high-quality work and excellent customer service.

Bathroom Renovations
Carpentry Work
Door Repairs and Installation
Electrical Services

Upgrade your bathroom with our expert renovation services. From installing new fixtures to complete makeovers, we'll create a space that's both functional and beautiful.

Our skilled carpenters can handle all your woodworking needs, from building custom cabinets to repairing damaged furniture.

Don't let a broken door cause inconvenience and security issues. Our team can repair or replace any type of door, ensuring that it functions properly and looks great.

Leave your electrical problems to us. Our Technicians can handle everything from outlet installations to replacing lighting fixtures, ensuring that your property is safe and up-to-code.

Flooring Solutions
Kitchen Remodeling
Interior and Exterior Painting
Window Repairs and Installation

Whether you need new flooring installed or existing floors repaired, our team has the expertise to get the job done right. We offer a variety of flooring options to suit your style and budget.

Transform your kitchen into a functional and stylish space with our remodeling services. We'll work with you to design and build a kitchen that meets your unique needs and preferences.

Give your property a fresh new look with our professional painting services. Our team uses high-quality materials and techniques to ensure a flawless finish that will last for years to come.

Keep your property secure and energy-efficient with our window repair and installation services. We'll help you choose the best windows for your needs and budget, and ensure that they're installed to perfection.

Maintenance and Service List

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  1. 🌿 Lawn mowing

  2. 🌳 Edging and trimming

  3. 🌱 Fertilization and weed control

  4. 🍃 Lawn aeration

  5. 🌿 Mulching

  6. 🌺 Planting and landscaping

  7. 🌱 Sod installation

  8. 💧 Irrigation system maintenance

  9. 🌳 Tree and shrub pruning

  10. 🍂 Seasonal lawn cleanup (spring and fall)

  11. 🍂 Gutter cleaning and maintenance

  12. 💦 Pressure washing (sidewalks, driveways, decks, etc.)

  13. 🏠 Exterior house washing

  14. 🏠 Roof cleaning and maintenance

  15. 🪟 Window cleaning (interior and exterior)

  16. 🏠 Exterior painting and touch-ups

  17. 🚪 Fence and gate repairs

  18. 🛠️ Deck repairs and staining

  19. 🚪 Patio and walkway repairs

  20. 🪨 Concrete and pavement crack repair

  21. 🔨 Carpentry work (repairing doors, windows, etc.)

  22. 🛠️ Drywall repair and patching

  23. 🎨 Interior painting and touch-ups

  24. 🧱 Caulking and weather-stripping

  25. 🚿 Fixing leaky faucets and plumbing repairs

  26. ❄️ HVAC maintenance (filter replacement, cleaning)

  27. 💡 Electrical repairs (outlet replacement, light fixtures)

  28. 🔐 Security system installation and maintenance

  29. 🚨 Smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm checks

  30. 🚪 Weatherproofing doors and windows

  31. 🚪 Garage door maintenance and repairs

  32. 🧱 Insulation checks and upgrades

  33. 🐞 Pest control and prevention

  34. 🚫 Mold and mildew removal

  35. 🕸️ Attic and crawl space cleaning

  36. 🔥 Chimney and fireplace cleaning

  37. 🏊 Pool and spa maintenance

  38. 🛁 Hot tub cleaning and maintenance

  39. 💡 Installing and repairing light fixtures

  40. 🌀 Installing or replacing ceiling fans

  41. 📚 Installing shelves and storage solutions

  42. 🛋️ Furniture assembly

  43. 🚪 Hanging curtains and blinds

  44. 📺 TV mounting and wiring

  45. 🏠 Smart home device installation

  46. 🚨 Alarm system installation

  47. 🐾 Pet door installation

  48. 🎪 Playground equipment assembly and repairs

  49. 🎨 Fence staining and sealing

  50. ❄️ Winterizing and preparing properties for colder months

  51. 🗑️ Trash Bin Valet and Cleaning

  52. Much More 

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